The C&M Network

The Cheadle & Marple College Network (The C&M College Network) is a new type of education and training provider for the Greater Manchester area specialising in 16-19 provision.


At its heart are two colleges, The Cheadle College and Marple Sixth Form College, which combined have a student population of nearly 1,600.

Previously these two colleges operated as a combined organisation – Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College (CAMSFC) – but in 2013 the CAMSFC governors and principalship began the process of creating two stand alone institutions.

This is not the first time the colleges have had distinct identities; prior to 1995 there was The Ridge College and Margaret Danyers College in Marple and Cheadle respectively.

However, unlike the pre-1995 era, we could see the benefits of both colleges continuing to be connected at strategic level – and therefore The C&M College Network was created to oversee both institutions.

This was to ensure our strong and experienced senior leadership team could continue to deliver operational efficiencies and drive standards across both colleges while simultaneously allowing each institution to develop its own personality, values and culture.

The Network is also more than two colleges with a joint senior management team and a shared governing body.

We recognised that with the current social and economic challenges a far more flexible vehicle was required to respond to the changing demands of students, parents, higher education providers, employers and partners.

This is why we count our students, parents and carers, staff, businesses, universities, local schools, local and central government, Ofsted and many others as being part of The C&M College Network as these directly influence who we are, what we do and how we do it.

This collaborative approach is, we believe, is the most effective way to help our students gain the qualifications, skills and outlook they will need to help them progress successfully to the next stage of their lives – whether that is going onto university or into further training, into employment or starting their own business.

To find out more about the Network, our colleges and our courses please explore this and the other sections of our website.

Sharon Burton,
Acting Principal, The Cheadle & Marple College Network